Beckman Laser Institute

In association with the Beckman Laser Institute, our team aims develop a handheld imaging device that utilizes proprietary technology Spatial Frequency Domain Imaging (SFDI), Patent Number US6958815. The medical device will provide valuable information about the properties of the skin and provide clinicians with a new method to monitor and detect pressure ulcers.

Our Device

davice2 (2)
davice (2)
Our device uses Spatial Frequency Domain Imaging (SFDI) for early detection and diagnosis of pressure ulcers. SFDI is a wide-field non-contact optical imaging technology that uses structured light to obtain tissue optical properties to determine tissue function and structure.
Using the SFDI technology along with off-the-shelf components allows the device to be handheld, affordable and comfortable to use. Inside our device contains a projector, which contains red and infrared LEDs to project patterns of structured light onto the tissue’s surface. The long wavelengths allows the light to penetrate deep into the skin (~3-5 mm). In combination with the projector’s large field of view (cms wide), our device is an ideal way to detect pressure ulcers over a wide area before they break the surface.

Our Solution: A Subsurface Pressure Wound Detector

  •  Images beneath the skin
  • Identifies abnormal tissue properties
  • Provides early pressure ulcer detection
  • Allows for an early diagnosis


Unlike other popular imaging technology such as ultrasound and MRI, only SFDI has the ability to image deep beneath the skin while remaining relatively cheap to use. Having a device that is non-invasive and has low-power light sources keeps it safe to use as well.
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